Jopari once posted a timeline of the stories he had written, ending with Lyra Belacqua’s death in his tale The Last Temptation. I killed Lyra off much younger than Jopari did so my version of the timeline, although it shares many dates and characters with his, differs where our storylines diverge.

Be aware that there are many SPOILERS here, both to my stories and also to HIS DARK MATERIALS

All dates are based on the calendar of our world.

1923 Birth of Henry Latrom and Tiki.
1942 Estimated date of birth of Asriel Belacqua and Stelmaria.
1962 Estimated date of birth of Mary Malone and **her daemon.
1965 Estimated date of birth of Marisa Coulter and *Ozymandias.
1970 Birth of Elspeth Morley.
1972 Estimated date of birth of Adèle Starminster and Lysander.
1980 Birth of Elizabeth Boreal and Parander.
1981 Birth of Margaret Doyle and Jimmy.
1982 Birth of Arthur Shire and Sarastus.
1984 Birth of Harold Owen and Mike.
1985 Birth of Will Parry and **Kirjava. Birth of Lyra Belacqua and Pantalaimon. Disappearance of John Parry while on an arctic expedition.
1988 Birth of Judy Beckley and **Skaven.
1992 First signs of mental disturbance in Elaine Parry. Birth of Giancarlo Bellini.
1997 Events described in His Dark Materials, The Reliquary and Arthur and Maggie. Death of Margaret Doyle and Jimmy.
2000 Events described in Intentions. Death of Henry Latrom and Tiki.
2001 The Church attempts to steal Lyra’s alethiometer but is foiled, as described in The Adventure of the Lost Alethiometer.
2002 Birth of Guilietta Bellini.
2007 Lyra graduates from St Sophia's College. She takes a post-graduate arts degree course at Jordan. Her alethiometry skills continue to grow.
2008 Alfred II and Eleanor is crowned King of England.
2010 Will qualifies as a doctor and starts work at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford. Events described in Threads. The Culham Incident and the final destruction of the Subtle Knife.
2012 Will Parry and Judy Beckley are married.
2014 Birth of John Parry and Rosalind.
2015 Birth of Peter Joyce and Viola.
2016 Arthur Shire and Adèle Starminster meet in Banbury, as described in An Ever-Rolling Stream.
2020 Events described in The King’s Councillor.
2030 Events described in The Clockmaker’s Boy. Death of Elspeth Morley.
2031 The Boreal Foundation develops the technology to enable Elizabeth Boreal to perform dream-corruption, as described in The Queen of the Night.
2032 Events described in A Gift of Love. Death of Lyra Belacqua and Pantalaimon. Death of Elizabeth Boreal and Parander.
2037 Peter Joyce returns to Oxford (Time and Peter Joyce).
2039 Birth of Sonya Moon and Alpharintus.
2050 Will Parry retires from medicine. Birth of Christopher Johns and Jemima.
2053 The Holy War breaks out in Europe.
2055-2056 Events described in The Clockmaker's Girl. The Catastrophe. Death of Peter Joyce and Viola.
2057 Sonya Moon is made a prefect at Highdean School (The Interview).
2062 Death of Judy Parry and Skaven.
2065 Arthur Shire gives Lockkeeper’s Cottage to Christopher Johns as described in His Day’s Work.
2068 Death of Will Parry and Kirjava (Jopari's Choice).
2071 Death of Arthur Shire and Sarastus.
c. 2100 The Collected Works of William Shakespeare is bought by Bodley's Library (Dearer than Eyesight).
2106 The fiftieth anniversary of the Catastrophe. Death of Sonya Moon (Lady Pangborne) and Alpharintus (On the Ramparts).

*The name given to Marisa Coulter’s daemon in the BBC radio plays. It’s not a bad choice, even though PP has said he doesn’t like it.

**Daemon not manifested at birth.