The Boreal Chronicles
These stories form an ongoing narrative and I've listed them here in internal chronological order, but you're perfectly free to read them in any order you like. I've written an article to help you - What Order Should I Read Them In?
The Reliquary Arthur Shire meets Mrs Coulter for the first time.
Arthur And Maggie Arthur follows the trail of the Gobblers to Bolvangar, where his destiny awaits him.
Intentions Two years after the events of The Amber Spyglass, Will Parry runs away to London. Why is he being pursued? Who is the mysterious girl who offers him shelter? What is the secret of The Grove? And what exactly are everyone's intentions?
Threads Will Parry, Lyra Belacqua and Mary Malone join forces across the worlds to prevent the Subtle Knife from falling into the wrong hands. Old friends are there to help but there will be betrayal, death and destruction before the end...
An Ever Rolling Stream Bolvangar casts a long shadow...
The King's Councillor Professor Belacqua is summoned to London. Why has the King convened his Special Council?
The Clockmaker's Boy An old fear returns to haunt Lyra's world. Peter Joyce, Lyra and the gyptians must risk everything in their fight against the pernicious evil of the Boreal Foundation.
The Queen Of The Night Will, Lyra and their friends are compelled to face their deepest fears...
This story is suitable for mature readers only.
A Gift Of Love Lyra Belacqua is dead. What now, for those she has left behind?
Time And Peter Joyce Peter Joyce, the clockmaker's boy, returns to Oxford and an uncertain future. Death, a long-awaited reunion, and an extraordinary journey await him.

Here's the story Peter reads in Chapter 14 - The Man and his Gods
The Clockmaker's Girl Meet Sunny Moon - a girl with a very strange secret. There is war in Europe and the Republic of Heaven seems to be as unattainable as ever. Sunny, Peter Joyce and Arthur Shire have inherited Lyra's legacy - can they succeed where she failed? And what might be the cost of their success?
The Interview A Sunny Moon short story. Sunny is in trouble with her housemistress. What kind of trouble is it, and how will Miss Alton deal with the situation?
His Day's Work The story of Arthur and the thief.
A Night Of A Thousand Stars In this sequel to His Day's Work, Chris Johns returns to his home by the Grand Junction Canal where he meets friends both old and new.
On The Ramparts It is fifty years since thousands of innocents died in the Catastrophe of the fall of Geneva. How can that tragedy ever be fully atoned?
The Lady Of Jekyll Park A tale of mystery and concealment from Lyra's world.