HDM Stand-alones

These stories are not part of any series but they are all set in the worlds of His Dark Materials.
Dearer Than Eyesight The relationship between a man and his daemon is one of unconditional love. But when does love turn into obsession?
The Storyteller A door that cannot be opened is not a door, but a wall. A place that you cannot leave is a prison. Not everybody chooses to remain a prisoner.
The Last Temptation Near the end of her life, Lyra Belacqua must make a terrible choice.
The Adventure Of The Lost Alethiometer Lyra Silvertongue has lost her most precious possession. Perhaps Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson can help...
After The Fall What will Lord Asriel and Mrs Coulter do now that they are dead?
The Raid A young experimental theologian crosses from Lyra's world to ours and finds himself in mortal peril.
The History Tutor A Midsummer's Day story with a difference.
Jopari's Choice Will Parry's son faces a difficult choice. The answer lies in the stars.
Islands A story I wrote for the birthday of a witch I know.
William And Mary A drabble. Everybody's got to try writing one some time.