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This is where my articles and stories live. Many of them consist of fan fiction set in the worlds of Philip Pullman's trilogy His Dark Materials but there are a lot of original fiction and articles here as well. Most of my fan fiction stories have been published on Fanfiction.net where you can read and review them if you like.

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Edited by Darren Everett & Peter Kendell


Sixteen variations on a theme…

From the Lovecraftian horror of THE LETTER to the lyrical magic of THE ISLAND, from the challenging mystery at the heart of PAST, LOST to the dark satire of BOGEY GETS A JOB, and from the long-buried secret of ARABETH to the hope, despite all, of PHEIDIPPIDES…

Eleven talented writers and artists have joined together to create THE LAST POST, a fully illustrated anthology of new and original short fiction linked by an intriguing question – what does the Last Post mean to you? Their answers will surprise and delight.

This is a collection of astonishing variety and imagination. Don’t miss THE LAST POST!

The paperback can be ordered here:

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Alison Leslie has a happy life, but it is haunted and she is watched. What is the meaning of the haunting, and why must she continue to be observed?

Ten years ago I wrote The History Tutor and published it on fanfiction.net. Here's its ever-so-belated sequel. You can purchase Tenth Anniversary for your Kindle here.



I'm delighted to announce the release of my first collection of short stories on the Amazon Kindle platform: THE BOY and other tales of the supernatural.

In turn funny and serious, fearful and comforting, these are tales of the borderland – of the school where the magic of the elder powers of the Vale of White Horse is never far away, of the white witches and their demonic foes, of secret friends who suddenly take physical form, of the gods who are hanging on the phone, waiting for us to call.

Peter Kendell conjures up a world that is both everyday and extraordinary in a wide-ranging collection of stories. You may find the door to this world or it may find you. And when the door is opened and you pass through it you will discover… What?

Amazon Kindle eBooks can be enjoyed on a variety of devices including BlackBerry, Android, Windows PC and Apple Macintosh, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, as well as the revolutionary Kindle e-reader.

North American readers can purchase THE BOY here and UK readers should go here.


The Tales of Glory are an exciting series of original fiction, set on the beautiful waterworld of Glory

Click here to read Across the Straits of Mercy.

"If you cared at all about your readers, Peter, you would be offering to furnish the costs of transportation so we can each go give our significant others a very large, long hug upon finishing this.

In other words, thank you for writing and sharing yet another beautiful tale. The pacing of this one was especially good, and even though the outcome was inevitable (I'd been told it was sad, and really what else could have happened), the telling was still suspenseful and deeply involving and... I am in awe."


Refugee humanity has fled to Glory, following the devastation of Earth by the Ochre Plague. Forbidden to cross the oceans except by airship, we live on the lands - Horn, Falls, Gold, Edge, Scrape, Bright and the Ringlands of the Archipelago of Grain.

Life here is idyllic in many ways but we still live, love, fight, struggle and raise families on Glory just as we once did on the Lost Earth. here are some of our stories:

Joy to the World It's Christmas on Glory!
Castaway of Glory Doctor Cameron Powell awakes to find he's been cast adrift aboard the Board ship LAV El Dorado. What will be his fate, and can he do anything to change it?
A Child of Glory Johanna Chen is going to do some good for the people of Stilt Town on the wealthy land of Edge. But will her plans really work out for the best?
The Tides of Glory 'We were all pirates that Sally-season; buccaneers, desperadoes, the Terrors Of The Inner Sea, but my crew was the most notorious.'
Listen up, me hearties! Cap'n Annie McLuskie has a tale to tell of rivalry and derring-do.
The Guiding Star 'There never was a girl like Annie'. Emmy McLuskie tells the story of his sister's pioneering sea voyages in this sequel to The Tides of Glory.

Stories by Ceres Wunderkind

Click here to discover the amazing worlds of Ceres Wunderkind. My stories have won three Sraf Awards.

Articles by Ceres Wunderkind

Articles on Philip Pullman, CS Lewis and the Pantalaimon Perplex are here. Many of these articles previously appeared in earlier versions at Bridge To The Stars.

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