What Order Should I Read Them In? I've written loads of HDM fic. But where on earth should the new reader start?
The Holy War A short history of Lyra's world, covering the fifty years following the events described in The Amber Spyglass.
The Rebels Who are the obedient little boys and girls in children's fiction and which characters prefer to do things their own way?
Fan Fiction An article on the writing of fanfiction. Why would anybody want to spend their precious time writing for no financial reward?
The Ten Commandments Of HDM Fan Fiction Some hints and tips on writing fan fiction based on the worlds and characters of His Dark Materials.
The Pantalaimon Perplex How will Hollywood handle His Dark Materials?
The Conservative Conundrum Why was Peter Hitchens of the Mail on Sunday so upset by The Amber Spyglass ?
The Journalist's Jeopardy Fear and loathing in Fleet Street.
Timeline A timeline of my stories.
Beam Me Up, Lyra His Dark Materials from a Science Fiction reader's point of view.
What Do They Look Like? My idea of how my characters might appear.
Is HDM An Attack On The Chronicles of Narnia? Perhaps Philip Pullman had another target in his sights all along.
Dear Philip An open letter to Philip Pullman on first hearing about Lyra's Oxford.