I've written an absolute ton of fanfiction based on Philip Pullman's epic His Dark Materials series of novels.

They're all gathered together here. There are so many of them it's frightening. It frightens me, anyway, so to make your life a little less terrifying I've sorted the stories into a number of categories.

Don't forget to take a look at my non-HDM stories as well. I'm quite fond of some of them and with any luck you might enjoy them too...

Lyra, Lizzie and co Click here to see a larger version of this montage of a selection of my characters drawn by the talented Kyrillion.
The Boreal Chronicles These stories follow the adventures of a cast of my own characters as they live out their lives in Lyra's world and our own. Of course, Lyra, Will, Mrs Coulter and other characters from His Dark Materials turn up as well, but the main emphasis is on how other people see and interact with them. You'll find stories like Intentions, Threads and The Clockmaker's Boy in here.
HDM Stand-alones Classic tales like The History Tutor, The Raid and The Last Temptation live here, among others.
Parodies Daisy's HDM fics. Poor Daisy!